Video Games and E-Sports

In principle, all video games with a multiplayer mode are included in e-sports, but some genres and flagship titles are the most practiced in reality. Here are the most prominent titles:


  • Starcraft 2

StarCraft II is the successor to Blizzard’s successful StarCraft Brood War RTS. The enthusiasm around the title carried it as THE real-time strategy reference game—SC II of a vast scene in Europe, THE USA, and South Korea.

  • Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a game that honors the Warcraft license. Well done, offering a game system that is both simple and rich. The game is interesting and balanced in the long run, although it is unfortunate that players who do not get their hands on the wallet must limit themselves to specific strategies that do not require rare cards.

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 

Call of Duty: Black Ops is a great FPS PC show that takes us to 1968 and allows us to experience, through flashbacks, the wanderings of an American soldier in the middle of the Cold War. From Vietnam to Russia to Cuba, the game follows combat situations and offers a staging modeled on that of the great Hollywood war films. The game also features a full multiplayer mode, Zombies mode, and many bonuses to unlock.

  • FIFA 13

FIFA 13 is a football simulation on PC. In this opus, we find a realism still optimized in terms of the physics of the ball, collisions, the intelligence of the players, and the way to execute technical gestures. Game modes such as Career Mode have been enriched.

  • ShootMania Storm;

Nadeo’s ultra-dynamic French shooter is very promising. Still, in beta, the title is already popular since Shootmania tournaments are already organized. Easy to access and ultra-dynamic, the latest addition to Ubisoft’s eSports division may well take over from fun shoot games.

  • Counter-Strike

A faithful reconstruction of Counter-Strike 1.6 with improved graphics, CS: GO is out this year and claims to restore its credentials to Valve’s aging title. CS has a very long history in terms of eSports and has long played the place of first shooting game with Quake before the latter gives up the weapons.

  • Dota 2;

The Warcraft III mod, developed by IceFrog, has defined a new style of competitive games. The trendy genre of the last three years caught Valve’s attention, who saw potential in IceFrog’s work. The company that spawned Half-Life and Steam reproduced the title identically, taking less risk than games like Heroes of Newerth, which have been declining recently.

  • League of Legends

Only LoL, more attractive to the general public, is a severe competitor to DotA 2. Extremely popular, especially in China, the remixed Dota clone of Riot Games works thundery among casual gamers and top gamers. LoL’s success with the general public is absolutely incredible.


In South Korea, video game tournaments are televised, and players (called gosu, meaning “chefs” in Korean dialect) are stars.

E-Sports: Professional Tournaments and Winnings

The first tournaments began in 1997 by creating the Cyberathlete Professional League and the first competition from the game Quake. The most widely recognized professional tournaments are those of the Cyberathlete Professional League, the World Cyber Games, and the Electronic Sports World Cup.

In the mid-2000s, the endowments of the largest international e-sports competitions amounted to several million dollars. A record was reached in 2015 at The International competition dedicated to the Dota 2 game offering more than $18.4 million in winnings, including more than $6.6 million for the winning team.