(l) Narcissus prop shaft leading to the prop assembly at left; (r) remains of the prop, with only one blade visible.

(l) the engine of the Narcissus laying on its side; (r) portions of the upper hull of Nohab off to the side of the main wreck site.

(l) one of Nohab’s two boilers and its associated condensers; (r) a view of the other boiler.

(l) bow of the luxury yacht Nohab resting on its starboard side; (r) Dave hovering over the tapered bow of Nohab.

(l) portside screw of the Nohab; (r) shot of the rudder in foreground and portside screw in background.

(l) starboard screw in foreground with portside screw in background; (r) a view of the drug-running trawler Gunsmoke.

(l) head-on shot of the Gunsmoke; (r) another great day on the water!