A S S O C I A T I O N   OF   U N D E R W A T E R   E X P L O R E R S  


The Underwater Exploration list is intended to be a forum where divers, scientists, physicians, and others can discuss issues about underwater exploration and the marine environment, with an obvious slant towards technical diving.  Advanced discussion on issues such as diving physiology, fish biology, decompression theory, habitat issues, underwater archaeology, diving technology, cave geology, maritime law, et cetera, are encouraged.  Furthermore, trip reports and observations are highly encouraged.

In order to participate on the Underwater Exploration list, it is required that subscribers respect the following conditions.  Subscription to the Underwater Exploration list conveys your understanding of these conditions; should you blatantly violate any of these, you will be immediately unsubscribed to the Underwater Exploration list.

1.  No inflammatory or derogatory language.  Posts directed at another individual or group, on or off the Underwater Exploration list, will not be tolerated.  This includes the use of the word "stroke."

2.  No anonymous posting.  When posting to the Underwater Exploration list, you must include a full first and last name.  Furthermore, please include the city and state of your residence in your signature.

3.  No forwarding of e-mails.  While forwarding of appropriate news articles or other appropriate and topical information is encouraged, do not forward e-mails by request from individuals not subscribed to the Underwater Exploration list.

Other protocol:

1.  If you are providing an "expert" analysis or evaluation, please include your professional avocation in your e-mail signature.  While everyone is entitled to an opinion, it is important to recognize information from an experienced professional (e.g., M.D., Ph.D.) versus information from a layperson, regardless of how educated one might be.

2.  Only post topical information that will be of interest to the Underwater Exploration list.  If you are giving a friendly reply or other non-topical banter, please do so off the list.  Furthermore, do not forward any material with a personal or political agenda, including jokes, petitions, images, urban legend-type e-mails, et cetera.

3.  Please make sure that the subject line of your e-mail accurately reflects the topic of your post.  Please do not leave the subject line blank.

4.  Please do not initiate or participate in any arguments.  Responsible debate based on logic (versus emotion) is perfectly acceptable.  If you do not know the difference, please refrain from posting.

To subscribe to Underwater Exploration, send a blank e-mail to:  [email protected] and in the BODY of the message, type "subscribe UWEX Your_Full_Name" (replace "Your_Full_Name" with your actual full name).

To post to Underwater Exploration, send an e-mail to:  [email protected]
In your post, you must include your full name and relative geographic location (e.g., St. Petersburg, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia), in order to inform others who they are communicating with.

To unsubscribe to Underwater Exploration, send an e-mail to:  [email protected] and in the BODY of the message type "unsubscribe UWEX"

The Underwater Exploration list archives can be found at: http://www.topica.com/lists/uwexploration/read

If you have any questions regarding the Underwater Exploration list, please send an e-mail to: [email protected].

Please enjoy the Underwater Exploration list!

Michael C. Barnette
Association of Underwater Explorers