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ProQuest is a service (subscription) that has a searchable database of archived newspapers, most notably The New York Times.  While a private account is very expensive, most college libraries have access to this service.


NEWSPAPER ARCHIVE: NewspaperArchive is the world's largest provider of online fully searchable historic newspapers.

NEWS LIBRARY: The world's largest news archive. Complete archives of more than 200 newspapers, plus newswires, transcripts, and more.

PAPER OF RECORD: Paper of Record is an historical archive of full-page newspaper images that you can search for unique coverage of past events. The archive is created from newspaper collections on microfilm, preserving the original format of the paper, but saving you hours, even days, of research time.

Merchant shipping losses and shipwrecks:  Prior to 1741, there is no centralized source of information on shipwrecks. Information must usually be sought locally, although information on a limited number of incidents may be traceable through secondary sources such as a checklist of narratives of shipwrecks and disasters at sea to 1860, with summaries, notes and comments by Keith Huntress (Ames: Iowa State University Press, 1979).

Lloyd's List:  From 1741, the date of the first surviving issue, Lloyd's List provides a daily record of information on shipping casualties received in London. As the intelligence network of Lloyd's of London grew, this source became increasingly comprehensive, not only for British vessels, and vessels wrecked in British waters, but for shipping losses worldwide.

If the name of the vessel's master is known, the Lloyd's Captains' Registers, from 1869 to 1948, recorded the fact that an inquiry had been held, the date or inquiry number, and the result insofar as it affected the master (ie no blame, certificate suspended three months from... etc). Details of inquiries can often be found in local newspapers, and the more sensational in national newspapers.

Lloyd's Register and the Mercantile Navy List:  'Posted' editions of LR's Register of Ships will often indicate the fate of a vessel, the entry being stamped 'collision', 'foundered', 'condemned' etc. sometimes with the month and year added ('3.89'). The month and year refer to the relevant quarter of the Lloyd's Register Casualty Return, published from 1890 to date. An annual index is included in the return after 1950, but no general index exists.



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