A S S O C I A T I O N   OF   U N D E R W A T E R   E X P L O R E R S  

(l) shrimper in the Sea of Cortez off Topolobampo; (r) PROFEPA inspector checking the turtle excluder device installation.

(l) getting ready to re-board La Marina (Mexican Navy) patrol vessel; (r) inspecting vessels dockside at Topolobampo.

(l) Damien (CONAPESCA) signifies breakthrough at the Mexico City airport ticket counter, after trying to work out the SNAFU at 10 other counters; (r) the coolest dog.

(l) the inspection team moves along the dock at Alvarado; (r) these fishermen caught these catfish in about 30 seconds using shrimp heads - an amazing sight!

(l) several large trawlers rusting dockside; (r) scrapping a trawler.

(l) sunken trawler at dockside; (r) sunken ferry.

(l) Hector (PROFEPA) lets us know its time for a drink; (r) Dennis (NMFS) and Clay (DOS) enjoy lunch.

Views of the zocalo (plaza) in Vera Cruz.

(l) one of the many roving mariachi bands at dinner; (r) music in all forms echoes throughout Vera Cruz.

(l) view of the zocalo from my hotel room; (r) former lighthouse and current La Marina office building.

(l) builder's plaque from the freighter Hidalgo, sunk 1912; (r) statue dedicated to the buzos (divers) who worked on the Vera Cruz port.