JULY 31 - AUGUST 4, 2007

Had an awesome time with a great group of friends on the liveaboard Ultimate Getaway diving the wrecks of the Rhein, Araby Maid, Joseph M. Cudahy, and the Baja California.



A brief report and lots more images from the trip can be found HERE.  We can't wait for the next one!


JULY 29, 2007



Four of us returned to the tanker Cities Service Empire in 240 fsw off Port Canaveral. You never really know what kind of conditions to expect on this wreck, as the area is pretty dynamic.  In this case, we were pleasantly surprised with warm water on the bottom, and decent visibility, but an interesting current to deal with.  The GPS said current was only running 1.5-1.8 knots, but the actual current was exceeding 2 knots and was top-to-bottom.  We missed the wreck on the first drop due to the bottom current pushing off to the west.  Two of us made it on the second drop by hitting the line and pulling down the remainder of the way to the wreck below.  No fish to really speak of, as they were pretty much hunkered down out of the current which was running almost directly across the wreck.  The wreck is in her death throes, as she has collapsed even more since last year. Very dramatic changes from when we first dived her almost seven years ago. The hull is collapsing outward into the sand, and the upper deck is starting to fall in on itself. Its basically a really unstable house of cards at this point.


JULY 23, 2007



The gang got together to dive Palm Beach's newest artificial reef, the KORIMU, which rests in 230 feet of water.  We had a pretty stiff current, which kept us hunkered down in the cargo holds and engine room for the majority of the dive.  Even the large floats on the mid-water fish aggregating devices were pushed down to deck level by the current.  Although we all had scooters, they were no match for the amplified current around the wreck.  I made the mistake of heading aft around the stern superstructure and almost did not make it back to the cargo holds to rejoin the guys.  While I was not able to get the shots I wanted, and visibility was not as pristine as it was a few days earlier, it was still a great dive.



JULY 14, 2007



A few of us headed out in the Gulf of Mexico to check out some new numbers.  The first wreck was in about 170 feet of water.  The wreck had an interesting local name, but it turned out to be the remains of an old shrimp trawler.  She had been down for quite a while, as we found numerous Key West Coca-Cola bottles (Coke has not bottled in Key West for several decades), as well as many nice artifacts including cage lamps, china, and a horn.  Additionally, the wreck hosted a rich variety of marine life, with stingrays, sea turtles, and large grouper and snapper abundant around the site.  Bottom temperature was a balmy 75 degrees, while surface waters were 85 degrees!