A S S O C I A T I O N   OF   U N D E R W A T E R   E X P L O R E R S  

September 20, 2008:  Skyecliffe (200 feet), Castor (100 feet), and "Budweiser Bar Wreck" (80 feet)

(l) sinking of the SKYECLIFFE; (r) Joe, sans scooter, swimming alongside the wreck.

(l) Joe's scooter decides to eat its own o-ring, floods, and is a runaway; (r) he jams into into the bottom to gain control.

(l) nose down, he takes the bull by the horns, so to speak; (r) in the process, a good amount of monofilament line got sucked into the prop.

A couple views of the massive stern superstructure.

(l) Peter swimming through the open cargo hold of the CASTOR; (r) the portside superstructure of the CASTOR.

(l) a parting shot of the CASTOR prior to swimming to the HAVEL; (r) inside the stern of the HAVEL, known as the "Budweiser Bar Wreck."