A S S O C I A T I O N   OF   U N D E R W A T E R   E X P L O R E R S  

AUE Weekend Trip Report, April 19, 2006

Had a beautiful mid-week run to the wreck of the freighter ROATAN EXPRESS, which rests approximately 66 nm off Venice.  A mild swell gradually flattened out to nothing during the course of the day.  Conditions on the wreck were very nice as well, with absolutely no current and warm water.  Abundant goliath grouper were hanging out around the wreck, as well as large black grouper, gag, mutton snapper, cubera snapper, and a few nice hogfish.  The interior of the wreck has really changed, with the galley in total shambles; the overhead cabinets have torn loose and now rest amongst other debris.  More cables and wiring hangs from the ceiling.  The wreck also continues to leak a steady amount of diesel fuel as well, which was very apparent on the surface due to the lack of current and wind.

(l) Captain Goliath in the wheelhouse; (r) lots of goliath grouper on the ROATAN EXPRESS.

(l) One of the trucks secured to the back deck of the freighter; (r) the remains of a truck on the edge of the stern.

(l) Champagne, liquor, and china recovered from the interior; (r) looking for some mixers...

(l) A view of the colorful mast; (r) overturned lifeboat in the sand.

(l) Shot of the wheelhouse on ascent; (r) hanging out on deco.