A S S O C I A T I O N   OF   U N D E R W A T E R   E X P L O R E R S  

AUE Weekend Trip Report, March 18-19, 2006
"Crispy Shrimper," "Pillsbury Crane Wreck," and BAYRONTO

(l) Richie and Carrie prepping their Evolutions; (r) Boris and Meg.

(l) Barney on his Meg; (r) Evan on his Boris.

(l) Evan filming on the shrimper; (r) prop on the shrimper.

(l) Structure on the Pillsbury Crane; (r) A view of the side of the wreck, formerly a wooden-decked barge.

(l) Headed out to the BAYRONTO; (r) Richie on the prowl.

(l) Porthole on the stern; (r) goliath grouper hanging around the engine.

(l) Loose rudder on the BAYRONTO; (r) booty under the bow.